Rules – VertiKal Punta Martìn for Amputees


The Team Martìn 10ZeroUno, under the patronage of the Municipality of Mele, is organizing the FIRST EDITION of the Vertikal Punta Martìn for Amputees Race on Saturday 16 November 2019.

The competition is open to all athletes in possession of the current medical certification for the suitability for the practice of competitive sports, issued by the sports medicine doctor, valid at the date of the race, and who are at least 18 years old.,

Methods and registration fees
Participation is free of charge, upon sending a sports curriculum attesting to a sufficient preparation to complete the planned course within a time limit of 4 hours (average ascent rate 225 m / h).

Those who took part in the Zero Edition will be officially admitted to the Race. The Organization reserves the right to move the Athlete who does not have an adequate curriculum from the Race to the Experience.

All athletes must have a personal guide, chosen by the athlete. The athlete must inform the organization in good time of the unavailability of having a support guide, in which case the organization will try to deal with it. If the organization does not find an adequate guide, the athlete cannot take part in the race.

A COPY of the MEDICAL SPORTS CERTIFICATE valid for the day of the event must be uploaded to the WEDOSPORT registration portal. As the guide is part of the support team, and having the competitive nature of the event, the guide must also provide a certificate of GOOD HEALTH, not necessarily AGONISTIC.

CAUTION!!! Participation will be confirmed by our secretary via email.

The maximum number of participants is fixed at 50 athletes.

Bib numbers withdrawal
The meeting is scheduled for 8.30 am at the town of Acquasanta (Mele – Genoa), on the Square in front of the Mutual Aid Society “Libero Pensiero”.

The bibs can be picked up Saturday morning from 8.30 am to 9.30 am

Time limit
The maximum time to complete the course is 4 hours.

Mandatory material
It is mandatory to carry a backpack with:

– windproof / rainproof jacket
– warm clothing in case of bad weather
– water and foodstuffs suitable for the test, as no refreshment is foreseen along the route
– rescue kit
– spare clothing for arrival at the summit

Competitors are allowed to use sticks. Mountain Running shoes are recommended

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (but not mandatory) to use the HELMET from CLIMBING / SKI MOUNTAINS or CYCLING / MTB.

Event development
The briefing will be at 9.45 a.m.
The departure will take place at 10.00 a.m. from the square in front of the the Mutual Aid Society “Libero Pensiero” in Acquasanta, in the mass-start mode. The finish is placed at the top of Punta Martin.

The race course develops uphill on creuze and mountain paths, with a positive gradient of 897 meters, from the town of Acquasanta (altitude 165m s.l.m.) to the peak of Punta Martìn (altitude 1001m s.l.m.).

A final refreshment will be set up at the Zucchelli bivouac on Mount Pennello: from here ONLY the athletes will then be transported by motorized means provided by the organization to the town of Acquasanta, while the guides will return on foot through a prepared route.

The organization, in case of serious weather conditions (yellow alert), will divert the route to the Cappelletta della Baiarda: in this case the return to the town of Acquasanta will be on foot. In case of orange / red alert the event will be canceled.

The timing will be carried out by the Italian Timekeepers Federation.

A general classification will be prepared and will be available on the website

The prizes will be awarded at the end of the event, around 6:00 pm, in the Acquasanta area.

ALL athletes will receive a certificate of participation and a race pack.

Will be awarded:





Privacy Statement
Participants in the event, by registering for the event, declare that they accept that their images, photos and / or videos are used to advertise the event and / or the territory or for similar purposes. In accordance with the law n. 675/96 of 31.12.1996, art. 13 the organization informs that the personal data collected will be used exclusively to prepare the list of participants, the various classifications and the archive. The same data may be used for sending informative and / or advertising material by the organization or its partners. You can correct or delete these data at any time.

The athlete, aware of the responsibility for false declarations, recognizes and confirms:

to have taken a direct view of the course of the competition and to have it, in the full of its faculties, considered fully suitable to its own technical level; to be well aware that the aforementioned path has traits with fixed ropes and exposed passages, although assisted by the organization’s staff; to be in possession of a skyrunning curriculum adapted to the competition to which he enrolled, also having in recent past taken part in similar events and boasting anyway mountain experience suitable for facing the aforementioned course; to have been summarily informed by the organizers of the potential danger of the event taking place in the mountain environment, with the consequent inevitable objective dangers for all competitors and to intend, in the face of this awareness, to assume the same risk; to expressly exempt the organizers from any responsibility for non-serious negligence in relation to any eventual loss of which the athlete himself is a victim.

The Race Director

Alessio Alfier